SmartRoom VDR Unique Features

Expect more from the SmartRoom VDR that securely shares and collaborates on sensitive information with ease AND speed.

The Unique Feature of SmartRoom VDR

When choosing a virtual data room provider, you should take into account quite a few nuances – from system capabilities to tariffs. Therefore, it is difficult to do without analyzing the proposals of at least the main representatives of the market.

SmartRoom virtual data room is made up of a number of key stakeholders and players and is also becoming very competitive. With new innovations such as data computing, some of these players are rapidly expanding their existing businesses to include a range of viable and promising emerging economies. Likewise, unused space in the market is quickly filling up due to the increase in its presence in this space.

The unique features of SmartRoom VDR are:

  • Bank-Grade Security
  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Connectivity
  • Expertise
  • Value

The combination of all strategic decisions and operational actions in SmartRoom is designed to evoke consumer response. Whether the marketing goals have been met, whether the company has achieved the desired position in the market, whether the most important tools have been effective – these are the questions to be answered in the marketing audit process.

SmartRoom systems encrypt each user’s data with a special encryption key. But who owns this key? Can the key be stored both by the service itself and by the users themselves? Most services store the key themselves, allowing their systems to view and process user data, such as indexing the data for future searches. These services also access the key when the user logs in with a password to unlock the data for use.

What Should You Know About SmartRoom CRM?

SmartRoom can access files to do things like generate previews and allow users to interact with and collaborate with those files. By making your data available to SmartRoom itself, the service can provide handy features like previews, but when it comes to your sensitive files, then you have to think. While SmartRoom “performs threat modeling for each feature to identify weaknesses,” it still asks you to trust your own personal security controls.

For sharing files and folders, SmartRoom allows you to invite or send a link to users. In particular, you can share a link with a specific person via email, granting reader or editor rights. Reader rights provide the ability to view files in a folder, and editor rights provide the ability to create, add, and edit documents. The same applies to determining the rights before linking to specific files. However, if you open access by sending a link, do not forget about the risks of transferring it to unauthorized persons.

In other words, the SmartRoom CRM is a virtual space that can be accessed through a browser or application. In fact, the data that you store in such storage is located in the processing center on the server, hard disk or other storage devices of the company whose services you use. For example, when using public data storage, be sure to set up two-factor authentication. What does it mean? After entering the account password, a unique confirmation code (valid for a short time) will be sent to your phone, which will need to be entered in a separate authorization field. Without this code, access to the account cannot be obtained, even if the correct password is entered.

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