Marlena Solomon

Marlena Solomon

Marlena Solomon

Breakout Session: Without Your "Why" You Can't Build Your How

Session Description:

People hire people, so being able to identify your “Why” is key to connecting your content and attracting those who want to work with you. After establishing your “Why”, the next step is determining your Goals Content and Targets. We will break down the “Why”, go over the digital plumbing needed so you can evaluate your cross-channel activities, and walk through a checklist process that can be used when planning your social media strategy.

My 3 Takeaways For You:

  • Evaluating the “Why” for your brand and how to turn that into content
  • Digital plumbing needed to cross-channel evaluate social media amplification
  • Checklist process for determining Goals Content and Targeting

Speaker Bio:

Marlena Solomon recently launched MSocial to share her expertise in brand social media marketing and management. Her industry specialty is the automotive aftermarket. She has over seven years of traditional and digital marketing experience with a high performance finished lubricants manufacturer in the automotive aftermarket, and one of the largest global base oil suppliers.