Kristy Gillentine

Kristy Gillentine

Kristy Gillentine

Breakout Session: Nurture, Grow, Ignite: Building Lasting Cross-Platform Communities

Session Description:

In an ever-changing social media landscape, the future lies in focusing on people over platforms and recognizing that the most effective form of audience retention lies in community building. In this session, we’ll learn ways to build, grow and nurture deeply connected communities that care about what you have to say and can thrive independently as the apps and sites connecting them come and go, and we’ll explore how cross-platform communities and micro-communities are transforming communications strategies in various industries, from journalism and education to nonprofits and corporations.

My 3 Takeaways For You:

  • How cross-platform communities and micro-communities are transforming communications
  • How to build, nurture and grow your cross-platform community
  • How to drive your message within your community

Speaker Bio:

Kristy Gillentine is the Vice President of Public Engagement for Drive West Communications in Houston. She’s also the creator and host of #ChatSnap – The Twitter Chat All About Snapchat. Her career as a communications professional includes more than 15 years of combined experience in print journalism, broadcast journalism, news radio, public relations and social media management. A majority of that time has been devoted to digital communications, including website and social media management, training, strategy development and implementation, content creation and performance metrics. With her extensive knowledge of social media and storytelling, she loves helping people, non-profits and brands tell their stories using new technologies and platforms to expand their reach, increase their impact and grow their community of engaged supporters.